Roles of Characters

In this book, there are three protagonists. 
 no. 1 protagonist: Sophie Merdinger. Because of her innocence, she is a protagonist.
no.2 protagonist: Erhart Merdinger. This is because he was loved beyond beleif. Erhart was a loquatious, beloved, and amusing child. He could have had a spectacular life if it weren't for cancer.
no.3 protagonist: Francis Roberts. He was Sophie's new companion. He was kind and loyal. He encouraged her to see her brother's grave when Sophie was reluctant to. Francis made Sophie ecsatic. 

Antagonist: Mr. Merdinger. He was selfish, crude and he broke his daughter's heart. Mr.Merdinger had no right to complain when Sophie pushed him away when he tried to reach out to her.

The main theme for this novel was letting to of the past. Sophie had not made an effort to remember her brother. She let the memories fade so that she wouldn't have to feel the pain anymore. She felt sorrow in return. She also never forgave her father for divorcing Mrs.Merdinger while Erhart was in the hostpital.