Nick Roberts is Mrs.Merdinger's boyfriend. He is very intellegent. He is 14 years older than his girlfriend. He is a proffesser. 

     Francis is Nick's son. He is Sophie's friend. He is 15 years old and has a tatoo of a tear on his cheek. The tatoo
represents the death of his mother. 

Henry is Sophie's best friend. He is nerdy and a colossal chess player. He has a chess tutor, because he's so commited. He gets marvelous grades.  

Mrs. Merdinger is Sophie's mom. She is tall, blonde, and has sparkling, sapphire eyes. She is kind and smart, which is similar to her daughters. 

Mr. Merdinger is Sophie's father. He got divorced from Sophie's mom while Erhart was in the hospital. He shows favoritism towards Sophie's sister, Freddie. 

Erhart was Sophie's brother. Trajically, he died of cancer two years ago. He was 8 years old when he died. Sophie was his loyal companion. She was depressed when he died. He was energetic and amusing.  

Mr. gallagher is Sophie's strict English teacher. He assigns deep-thinking homework. His class is tough, but overall, he is a great teacher.


   Sophie is a  15-year-old girl living in New York with her Mother and Sister. She is the main character of this novel. She is dilegent, kind, athletic, but sad. The transpired death of her brother has erased too many memories and fun times.

 Freddie is a 17 year old girl. She is Sophie's sister. Freddie is tall, thin, blonde, and has blue eyes. She is morbidly femenine and tries to act older than she is. She wants to look mature. 

Ian is Freddie's boyfriend. He is too old for Freddie, but she doesn't notice. He doesn't play  a giant role in the book.

Rebecca Goldman is an ignorant "A-girl". An "a-girl" is Sophie's way of saying she is a provacative, dumb girl with nothing to offer. Rebecca is so stupid, she decided to write her thesis on how much she hates eggs, instead of having authority as her topic. Everyone else has a sophisticated topic for their essay, and Rebecca's topic is eggs. 

Justin Hawker is a popular, social, and athletic boy. He is dating Rebecca Goldman.  Justin is Sophie's former best friend. They are both on the swim team.