When I was older" summary 
  15-year-old Sophie is dealing with some hard-core challenges in her life. First, her little brother, Erhart, keeps popping up in conversation when not nessecary. Erhart died at the age of eight from leukimia. Sophie tries to avoid the topic; 2 years after Erhart's catastrophic death.
    Second, Sophie is recieving shocking phone calls from suitors who were her companions. They try to pursue her. 
    Overall, Sophie is placed in a pickle. She can choose to let go of the past and accept her brother's death. If not, she'll remain pale like the ghost of her past, haunting her mind and memories. 
plot chart-
This compelling novel starts off with a very upset Sophie Merdinger. She is solemn because her brother, Erhart, died of Leukimia two years ago. Memories of him are fading from Sophie's mind. Her and youthful Erhart were the BEST of friends. It was a catastrophie to see him pass on. 
Rising action 1-
Rising Action 1 is when Sophie's mom meets another man. This is a huge deal. She hasn't been with anyone since the divorce between her and Sophie's father. 
     The man's name is Nick and he has a son named Francais. Nick and Francais come to the Merdinger home dinner on pages 13-21.
Francais has also had a death in the family. His mother died. Because of this trajic happening, Francais has a tatoo on his cheek of a tear. It symbols that tears have gone away, but he still remembers his Mother.

- Rising action 3-
Rising action 3 is when Francais and become excellent friends. They hang out everyday and talk an abundance. They really enjoy each other's company. 
 (chapters 12- ?)  

-Climax-  The epic climax is when Francais and Sophie meet up with Rebecca and Justin. They go to a diner after school. Francis and Sophie were invited to go by Rebecca. This part was intense because Sophie has always talked about arroagant Justin to Francis. 

Falling action-  The falling action is when Mr.Merdinger decides to show up to Sophie's swim meet on page 130. This is a big deal because Sophie has been holding a grudge at him for two years. She was burning with scarlet fury, and tearing more than a moth is atracted to light. She was angry that he divorced while Erhart was in the hospital. 
    Her father has been attempting to reach out to Sophie, but she pushes him away. She dispises that he favors Sophie's sister and is always working. Sophie wants to be a priority in her father's life. 

The memory-infested resolution is when Mr. Merdinger takes Sophie, Francis and Freddie to see Erhart's grave. This was Francis's idea. At first, Sophie was reluctant to go, but then decided it was the right thing to do.
On his grave, it says ERHART ALDRICH MERDINGER. On page 163, Sophie says "I forgot that Erhart's middle name was Aldrich." Because she saw her brother's grave, memories began to soar through Sophie's mind.
Finally, Sophie's out of the gloomy duldrums. She's isn't exactly in bliss, but no longer is she depressed.